Paul Rogers

Hello, I wrote the Healthy Ways ebook over a period of 20 years of research and practical application of principles I learned in over 35 years of working research and development in the health sciences. While working for the Australian national research establishment, CSIRO, I tapped into the US National Library of Medicine’s database Medline, now PubMed, way before the Internet started commercially. I started consulting in environmental heath and toxicology and eventually nutrition and health.

As a hockey player then amateur marathoner, triathlete and Pan Pacific Masters Games medallist, I melded my interest in the health and biological sciences with my exercise and sports activities and became a qualified personal trainer. I then taught fitness and health certificate courses in high schools while writing several hundred articles for the big online portal Verywell Fit. See some of my articles at the link.

Healthy Ways covers a lot of ground, with full references. Explore healthy eating, exercise, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mind body, bone health, environmental toxicology, recreation risks, medical tests and more. Look for my YouTube videos, coming soon. Thanks. #

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